Headaches: Causes, types, and treatment

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HEADACHE: Headache, migraine, or cluster?

Headaches are pains in the cranial area. There are two types according to their duration: acute headaches, appearing and disappearing rapidly, and chronic headaches, settling gradually and may last for weeks or months. In addition, headaches can take many forms depending on the mode and circumstance of their occurrence, their location and intensity. Thus, there are mainly tension headaches, migraines, and cluster headaches.

Causes and manifestations of headache

Headaches come from multiple causes. By far the most common, tension headaches are often related to stress, lack of sleep, hunger or alcohol abuse. They are manifested by continuous, moderate and diffuse pain.

The cause of migraine, a more particular form of headache, remains unknown. They can present themselves slightly or with very severe pain and begin with localized pain on one side of the head or near one eye. Rarely, the cluster headache occurs at night and is expressed by short but extremely intense pain.

Although headaches are often benign conditions that go away on their own or with mild analgesics, they can still signal serious illness in some cases.

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