Neuro-ophthalmological pathologies

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When dysfunction occurs in the cranial nerves affecting the eye, pupil, optic nerve, and ocular muscles, impaired vision or eye movements may occur. These eye conditions which are caused by a pathology of the nervous system are called neuro-ophthalmological disorders. These types of disorders usually affect visual acuity, intrinsic motility, extrinsic motility, visual field, etc.

Different types of neurophthalmological disorders

Neuro-ophthalmological disorders affect visual perception and interpretation, movement of the eyes and eye lids, and the optic disc.

Neuro-ophthalmological disorders include:

  • Diseases of the retina, such as, vascular or degenerative retinopathies.
  • Optic nerve conditions such as optic neuritis or papillary edema.
  • Various cerebral lesions of visual perception such as homonymous lateral hemianopia of vascular or tumor origin, visual agnosia of vascular or degenerative origin, etc.
  • Peripheral or central oculomotor paralysis, including strabismus.
  • Pupil abnormalities such as mydriasis, Adie’s pupil and meiosis.
  • Nystagmus (involuntary and jerky movements of the eyes).
  • Affections of the orbit.

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