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Why take a health assessment ? A full medical check-up is the surest way to fully understand your state of health, potentially detect the early signs of disease, and start taking your health into your own hands.

A tailored health assessment

Whether you’re an individual who wants to take better care of your health or a company wanting to look after your employees and protect key staff, Concilio can help you organize your health assessments by giving you access to a selection of medical centers specifically selected for their cutting edge practices and technology.

The checkup, an effective way to prevent illnesses

Biological tests

A full range of biological tests (blood, urine and feces) will be performed. All the major health and disease markers will be measured.

Physical examination

A full medical history and examination including family history of illness, current treatments, vaccination schedules and overall lifestyle. Afterwards, you’ll receive the full results of all your tests and be able to discuss them with a doctor.

Medical imaging

We routinely offer chest scans, renal and thyroid ultrasound… All major radiological examinations can be performed on demand in one of our partner centers.

Additional exams

In addition, we perform a range of expert medical tests (ranging from visual and hearing tests, to spirometry…) in order to ensure you have a complete picture of your state of health.

Cardiac checkup

Electrocardiograms, at rest or if needed during exercise, are routinely performed, as well as Doppler ultrasound. You thus gain a complete picture of your cardiovascular health in the best possible conditions.

Concierge health service

After your check-up, you remain covered by our concierge medical service for 3 months : we can organize appointments with doctors, teleconsultations with both general practitioners and specialists…

Choose your health checkup

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Concilio, the best in medical prevention

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Personalized health assessment

Concilio helps you choose a health assessment that’s right for you. We take into account your personal risk factors, past medical history and lifestyle.

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With you every step of the way

Our dedicated medical team is there for you before, during and after your health assessment. You’ll never be alone.

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Selected medical centers

Access medical centers specifically selected for their excellent reputation and cutting edge technologies, in France and all over Europe

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Security and confidentiality

Your personal health data is stored on secure servers certified by the French ministry of Health. We guarantee absolute confidentiality.


After your health checkup,
access Concilio’s medical concierge
service for 3 months


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