Our mission: To give you access to
the best in health care

Our health is important to us. It’s one of the things we value most. Being healthy is vital if we want to work, play, or simply be happy.

And yet when we fall ill we’re not all equal.

 Accessing the right doctors, the right care, can be difficult.

Today, the best in health care is still too often reserved for a small circle of insiders.We’ve decided to say: enough!

Our mission: to break down barriers and give everyone access to the best in health care.

Thanks to technology, to our medical expertise and our personalized service,
we want to give everyone the opportunity to access to the best medicine can offer. Wherever you are, and whatever the problem


Concilio's Founders

florian reinaud concilio


“I studied medicine at Oxford and Imperial College in the UK, and trained as an emergency physician.
I’ve always been passionate about innovation, and spent twelve years investing in start-ups in the life sciences: biotechs, medtechs, services and digital health”

georges aoun concilio


“I have a background in engineering from Polytechnique and l’Ecole des Mines as well as in industrial economics from Université Paris-Dauphine.
I’ve always been involved in start-ups, from launching HOL, France’s first unlimited internet service in 1996, to managing the launch of Amazon France, to other senior positions of responsibility, whether as head of development for Paypal Europe or as co-founder of Bordas.com”.

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