coaching et prévention santé concilio

Coaching & Prevention

We are convinced that to be in good health, you have to rely on effective prevention. We will help you by giving you access to various coaching programmes that are totally tailored to your needs. All our information has been validated by a committee of medical experts.

Coaching Santé Concilio
health coaching

Smart, simple, and fun, MyConcilio is a veritable personal coach that will assist and advise you on a daily basis. MyConcilio is:

  • Content and advice, perfectly suited to your profile
  • Customized programs on more than 40 issues: nutrition, sleep, stress, smoking …
  • An intuitive dashboard to easily view your progress and receive help reaching your objectives
  • Accessible on the web or via our mobile app


information santé concilio
health information

Concilio provides reliable and relevant information on various health subjects: news, diseases, treatments…

  • Recognized sources
  • Easy to understand
  • Written and reviewed by doctors
  • Regularly updated
  • Based on the main medical publications
  • Available in several languages
recherche de médecins concilio

Doctor search

Are you looking for a good doctor near you? A respected specialist suited to your problem? For you or one of your loved ones? Concilio will give you access to a unique network of more than 18,000 doctors, all recognized by their peers as being respected in their area. Take advantage of the network and the information normally reserved for doctors and their families.

cityguide médecin concilio
City guide to doctors
for everyday use

Near your home or anywhere in the world, you will be able to immediately find the right doctor who meets your criteria: generalist, paediatrician, gynaecologist, dermatologist, geriatrician…

  • All the doctors are recommended by other doctors.
  • Unlimited access to the service from your computer or smartphone.
  • Location-specific results depending on where you are searching from.
  • Full doctor file: type of refund, language spoken, contact details…
recommandation médecins concilio
of specialists

Whatever your health issue, Concilio will recommend the right specialist for your circumstances.

  • A reply in under 48 hours that is fully customized and that meets your criteria.
  • We will recommend 3 specialists, all regarded by their peers as respected doctors in their field.
  • We will provide you with the CV of the recommended doctors, to help you make your choice.


service conciergerie concilio

Concierge service

In France, the average waiting time for an appointment with a specialist is 61 days. A consultation lasts on average 16 minutes. Concilio will endeavour to obtain an appointment in record time with the specialist you have selected and help you to prepare properly for your consultation.

entretien médecin concilio

Have a telephone interview with one of our medical experts to find out everything about your illness and properly prepare for your consultation with the specialist.

  • Up to a one-hour telephone interview with an expert doctor.
  • Answers to your questions about the disease, the treatment, examinations….
  • He or she will give you a list of important questions not to forget to ask during your consultation.

NOTE: this phone call is not a medical consultation and does not in any way replace a consultation with the specialist.

conciergerie médicale concilio

Benefit from the expertise and the connections of the Concilio teams to obtain an appointment in record time.

  • For all specialist searches, our team will help you make the appointment with the doctor that you have selected.
  • The size and the expertise of our network of doctors will ensure you obtain an appointment in record time.


Service Personnalisé Concilio


We adapt our health support to your needs and to those of your loved ones. We take into account your personal criteria.

Des médecins recommandés Concilio


We will suggest doctors who have all been totally independently recommended by their peers, and who have no financial links with Concilio.

Savoir Faire et Qualité Concilio


Our team of experts will use their unique experience and know-how to always offer you the best possible assistance.

confidentialité sécurité concilio


Your personal data is securely stored by an approved host. We guarantee total confidentiality.