General surgery: surgery of the abdominal organs

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General surgery is the branch of surgery that deals mainly with pathologies affecting the abdominal and pelvic organs.

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What is general surgery?

General surgery is the branch of surgery that deals mainly with pathologies affecting the abdominal and pelvic organs. This type of surgery is sometimes also called digestive or visceral  surgery. Different techniques can be used in general surgery, one of the most common being laparotomy, where the abdomen is accessed via a large surgical incision.

In the case of certain indications such as the removal of the gall bladder, laparoscopic surgery allows the surgeons to access the abdomen via small incisions (hence why the technique is also popularly known as keyhole surgery) through which he can insert a camera as well as various instruments, rather than make a large incision to open the abdomen for a direct view of the organs. In other case (removal of rectal tumors, hemorrhoids…) endoscopic approaches can be used.

General surgery: the various operations

General surgery can deal with pathologies affecting the esophagus and diaphragm, the stomach and duodenum as well as the liver and the spleen. It also comprises colorectal and proctological surgery, surgery of the bile ducts and pancreas, the peritoneal cavity as well as the abdominal wall.

General surgeons are often called upon for emergency surgeries in the case of acute appendicitis, strangulated hernias, peritonitis, abdominal trauma or abdominal bleeding. Planned reasons for general surgery include hernia repairs, gastric surgery, tumor removal, Crohn’s disease, bile duct diseases or diseases affecting the pancreas, liver, small intestine or spleen.

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