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4.3 % of all deaths in the EU-28 in 2016 resulted from mental and behavioural disorders.1

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What is psychiatry ?

Psychiatry is a medical specialty focused on understanding, diagnosing, preventing and treating mental illness. Psychiatric conditions are favored by two conditions: a predisposing biological environment as well as external factors such as the occurrence of an illness or a context of stress. These disorders, whether they be transient or permanent, affect 1 in 5 people per year, all ages may be affected. Psychiatry is based on a bio-psycho-social approach combining the understanding of brain biology, the psychology of the individual as well as the evaluation of the repercussions on the social situation.


Thoughts, emotions and behaviors emanate from the brain. It can be particularly affected by biochemical and hormonal fluctuations, a deficiency in certain nutrients, lack of sleep or hydration, or the consumption of drugs or alcohol. Certain infections and tumors are also implicated.


Psychology is a collection of thoughts, emotions, perceptions and reactions of the individual. He is animated by his way of perceiving and analyzing a situation. On this analysis depends its interaction with its environment. Thus, the thought mechanisms used can promote pleasant emotions and harmonious interactions and vice versa.

The social situation

The daily life of an individual generally explains his well-being or his suffering according to whether he his way of life (for example alone or with family)

When should I consult ?

Psychiatry treats various types of disorders, including:

  • bipolar disorder;
  • Madness ;
  • the Depression ;
  • attention deficit with or without hyperactivity;
  • anxiety disorders autism spectrum disorders;
  • schizophrenia as well as other psychotic disorders;
  • neurocognitive disorders.

Why is it important to obtain the best care when you are ill?

Concilio enables you to access the best healthcare available to you. Our medical team will personally assist you to help you deal with any health issue.

  • In 45% of cases, your diagnosis or treatment plan could be optimized
  • 9 out 10 doctors prescribe unnecessary medical acts: surgery, repeat investigations, non-compliance with recommended best medical practice
  • All hospitals and clinics are not equal. Some are better suited to treating your illness than others.
  • Medicine is becoming increasingly specialized. It can be complicated to obtain reliable medical information and ensure you get to see the medical practitioner that’s right for you and your condition.

What are the missions of a psychiatrist?

The psychiatrist performs the diagnosis on the basis of a comprehensive assessment involving a physical examination, psychiatric assessment, laboratory analyzes or medical imaging if necessary.

Depending on the results, the psychiatrist has the choice of taking charge of the mental illness himself or of calling on another professional.

Psychiatrists can practice in a private practice or in a multidisciplinary team, in particular in specialized centers or hospitals.


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