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Spots, redness, blisters, itching? Skin diseases are diverse, and the same symptom can have different origins.

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What is dermatology?

Since 1995, dermatology has been defined as the specialty of medicine including: “diagnosis, treatment (both medical and surgical) and prevention of diseases of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, mucous membranes and appendages of the skin (hair and nails) as well as cutaneous manifestations of systemic diseases. Dermatology also promotes the health of the skin.”

Dermatology includes venereology, which includes sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, Herpes, HPV or Papillomavirus …).

On the prevention side, the dermatologist plays a key role in screening for skin cancers.

A dermatologist may also offer aesthetic and cosmetic care services, including corrective injections, hair removal, skin peels, laser etc.

Most common dermatological pathologies

Each year in the UK, 54% of the population are affected by various skin diseases. Data collected from four specialist dermatology departments in England show that specialists most commonly see people with skin lesions (35-45%), eczema, psoriasis, and acne.1

Cutaneous mycoses are diverse and can be confused with other pathologies. In these cases, the opinion of a specialist can be important as they are able to establish a diagnosis by biopsy, if necessary. Beyond the simple treatment, a dermatologist plays a key role in the prevention of the recurrence of mycoses.

Why is it important to obtain the best care when you are ill?

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  • In 45% of cases, your diagnosis or treatment plan could be optimized
  • 9 out 10 doctors prescribe unnecessary medical acts: surgery, repeat investigations, non-compliance with recommended best medical practice
  • All hospitals and clinics are not equal. Some are better suited to treating your illness than others.
  • Medicine is becoming more and more specialized. It can be complicated to obtain reliable medical information and ensure you get to see the medical practitioner that’s right for you and your condition.

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