Screening : for an early diagnosis

Did you know ?

The medical check-up or health check-up is surely the best way to make a complete point on your state of health and allow an early detection.

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What is screening ?

Screening is an approach to diagnose certain diseases early. It makes it possible to check for the presence or absence of precursory signs of disease. These are surveillance tests done in someone who appears to be in good health. In the case of cancer, the goal is to detect cancer in its early form to increase the chances of recovery. In some subjects, the identification and treatment of the abnormality found during screening can reverse and rule out the onset of the disease.

There are two types of screening for cancer:

  • Organized screening
    We talk about organized screening when it comes to setting up an incentive to screen. It is reserved for subjects of a certain age, with no particular risk of cancer, which is the case of organized screening for breast cancer.
  • Individual screening
    Individual screening is prescribed by a doctor in the context of cervical cancer or melanoma, for example. This type of examination is also dedicated to subjects presenting a high risk for the development of a particular cancer.

When to make a screening ?

Screening is part of a health check and is performed in the absence of symptoms, even when the patient feels healthy. This is an essential step to explore some cases of cancer. The purpose of screening is to find any abnormalities during the “hidden” phase of the disease.

The process of cancer development differs from one case to another: each cancer has its specific mode and rate of progression. This is his “natural history”, his spontaneous evolution in the absence of any intervention.

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What is the purpose of screening ?

Screening can diagnose and manage early-stage cancer. It can detect small lesions, revealing the presence of a tumor.

Depending on the type of cancer, screening can be done at several stages of pathology development. Indeed, many stages are linked, from the transformation of the first defective cell to the formation of a cancerous tumor until the appearance of external signs. Thus, this early exploration makes it possible to prevent the appearance of a tumor or to treat it as well as possible. In addition, in some cases, it is possible to detect a lesion before it progresses to cancer. The study thus makes it possible to determine a precancerous state with a view to preventive action.

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