Different afflictions of the thyroid

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More than 12 percent of the U.S. population will develop a thyroid condition during their lifetime.

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General information about the Thyroid

The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland situated near the bottom of the neck. This small gland is 6 cm and weighs about 10 to 25 grams. This organic structure plays a major role in hormone synthesis. It assures intercellular communication via the diffusion of these substances to the blood stream. Several vital organs depend on proper thyroid function. For this precise reason, anomalies of this gland are capable of affecting the entire organism. When the thyroid presents a tumefaction or protuberances, medical examinations are necessary to rule out thyroid cancer.

Diagnosis of thyroid illnesses

The first step of a thyroid examination involves a palpation of the patient’s throat. During this preliminary examination, the doctor searches to detect nodules or goitres. The second phase of the examination is to detect eventual irregularities in term of hormonal secretions using blood analysis. After, a thyroid ultrasound is realised to closely examine previously detected nodules. Thus, the quantity of growths and other related details are revealed. Fine needle aspiration biopsy, which permits a microscopic cellular analysis, and, scintigraphy (to distinguish the nodule typology, warm or cold) are the two complementary examinations that are indispensable in order to determine the type of thyroid pathology and to prescribe an adequate treatment plan.

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Fiche Different afflictions of the thyroid

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