General pathologies : what are they?

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General surgery is the branch of surgery that deals mainly with pathologies affecting the abdominal and pelvic organs.

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What is a general pathology?

By definition, pathology is a science that studies diseases. It focuses on their causes, mechanisms, triggers, and patterns of change. This medical branch makes it possible to determine the treatment adapted to each case and possibly a method of prevention. In common parlance, a pathology also designates a disease and makes it possible to inventory it. General pathology is a part of the pathology dealing with the common elements of all diseases.

Types of Pathology : what are they?

The term “pathology” refers to the causes and effects of diseases. Pathologies are classified by the organ and organ system in which they affect. As such, cardiac pathology is a study of conditions of the heart, just like pulmonary pathology is the study of rheumatic illness. There exists equally infectious pathologies or auto-immune pathologies that are characterized by pathology families sharing a similar mechanism.

Human pathology is divided into two sub-specialties. Anatomical pathology studies the morphology of illnesses following a macroscopic or microscopic examination. This branch of study closely examines observed lesions. Clinical pathology allows to analyze biological fluids and tissue samples (biopsies) to determine the etymology of an illness (tumor, inflammatory, or infectious).

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