Health check up

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The medical check-up or health check-up is surely the best way to make a complete point on your state of health and allow an early detection.

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What is a health check up ?

The health check or check-up includes several examinations to know the general state of health of a patient. It also makes it possible to follow the evolution of a disease. Previously, this type of review was restricted to the military. Today, it is systematically done at birth and at school during medical visits.

What is the interest in making a check up ?

It is recommended to have a health check every year from a certain age (40 years). This series of exams is essential to obtain a certificate of health at the hiring, but also in preventive medicine. A check-up allows, among other things, the detection of genetic and infectious diseases. It is of great interest in the world of work and in school medicine. Such examinations can often detect weak signals of epidemics or emerging diseases.

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Health checklist : what are the exams requested ?

Examinations to be performed as part of a health check vary depending on the age and condition of the patient. Generally, a check-up includes:

  • An interrogation: the doctor asks the patient to describe the symptoms he feels. He can also collect the information provided by the patient’s entourage.
  • Auscultation: Using a stethoscope, the doctor listens to body sounds such as heartbeat, waterborne sounds, and carotid and femoral artery sounds.
  • An electrocardiogram or ECG: this examination corresponds to the electrical activity of the heart via electrodes placed at the ankles, the handles and on the chest.
  • X-ray of the chest: it can detect possible problems in the chest, lungs and heart.

Blood analyses

The blood test is part of the various medical tests recommended as part of a check-up. This review may include:

  • a hemogram or hematological examination: its purpose is to evaluate the elements contained in the blood
  • the search for microbes or parasites under a microscope
  • the establishment of a metal profile to identify any deficiency or overload of heavy metals, trace elements and toxic metalloids.

Where to do a health check ?

For a complete health check, the different examinations are done in different health establishments or in a specialized center.

These health checks can also be carried out in private centers that are equipped to carry out all the examinations. They group together the exams on a day or a half-day and facilitate their realization with an appropriate medical accompaniment.

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