HR challenges: Health at work

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66% of employees believe that companies are not paying enough attention to their health!

This is one of the key figures of our white book “Employee Health: an unavoidable issue”.

Quality of life at work

Quality of life at work is becoming increasingly important in companies. It is based on a set of actions and initiatives aimed at promoting the well-being of employees at work and promoting their efficiency and sustainability in the company.

Some examples:

  • Taking into account psychosocial risks
  • Redesigning managerial practices to establish a management of benevolence (“care management“)
  • Better consideration of work / life balance
  • Initiatives to promote the professional development of employees
  • Initiatives to combat absenteeism and presenteeism through the implementation of teleworking, health prevention actions, and provision of support services for health procedures (medical concierge) …

Finally, improving QWL indirectly improves business performance, customer service, and therefore reputation.


A study by the Sapiens Institute estimated in 2018 the cost of absenteeism is around 108 billion euros per year in France! In terms of magnitude, this represents 4.7 points of GDP or 16% of wages paid. This is a real scourge for productivity, and therefore, business performance.

Absenteeism has long been a taboo subject, and rarely evoked. However, absenteeism at work is not inevitable because there are ways to prevent it.

Employees and occupational health

The health problems of employees or their relatives affect a company in two ways.

If the employee is absent, this disrupts the work organization of the team, often causing a delay in projects, which can result in a decline in productivity.However, if the employee comes to work anyway, presenteeism is demonstrated.  This also disrupts productivity because, the employee that is worried or suffering from their illness is less focused and therefore less effective than normal.

  • How do employees perceive their health procedures?
  • What impact do health issues have on their work?
  • What do they think about what their company could do about workplace health?
All the answers to these questions are contained in our white paper “The health of employees: An unavoidable challenge and a real asset for the company”.


Presenteeism is a notion that has recently appeared in the United States. In France, this notion is in the shadow of absenteeism, and wrongly so.

The reasons for this are, on one hand, due to its recent discovery, but above all, to its multifaceted nature. In fact, presenteeism presents itself in several insidious, and sometimes difficult to decipher aspects. Contemplative presenteeism, strategic presenteeism or even sickness presenteeism, are the three great families of this notion. 

The employer brand: what is it and how to reinforce it?

The employer brand is the main vector of the reputation of your company and is the indicator of trust for your employees and your candidates, but also a fundamental element of reinsurance with your customers and prospects.

87% of employees believe that offering them health services would improve the image of their employer. Find out how Concilio can help you strengthen your employer brand.

Fiche HR challenges: Health at work

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How do you offer the possibility for your employees to better manage their balance between privacy and professional life?