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There are just around 25,000 neurologists in EU. Some regions are better covered than others: depending on the country, there are between 4 and 13 neurologists per 100,000 people.1

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What is epilepsy ?

“Epilepsy” is a term from ancient Greek meaning etymologically “take by surprise”. Since 2005, it has been defined by the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) as the cerebral predisposition to generate so-called “unprovoked” epileptic seizures. It is a neurological condition resulting in the recurrence of seizures due to sudden and transient disruption of electrical activity of the brain.

Epilepsy gives rise to 2 types of seizures: partial seizures and generalized seizures. Partial seizures can be simple or complex. When it is simple, the partial crisis does not modify the state of consciousness and allows the person concerned to remember it. The complex partial crisis, on the other hand, involves an alteration or a total loss of consciousness. With regard to generalized seizures, there are several types of seizures: absences, tonic-clonic seizures, tonic seizures, atonic seizures, myoclonic and clonic.

What are the causes of epilepsy ?

Along with migraines, epilepsy is one of the main reasons for consulting a neurologist. Most often, the origins of epileptic seizures are not identified, which are labeled as “idiopathic” crises. In some cases, however, it is possible to attribute a specific cause to epileptic seizures, such as brain malformation, nervous system infection, or systemic disease. In these cases, epileptic seizures are called “symptomatic”.

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  • Medicine is becoming more and more specialized. It can be complicated to obtain reliable medical information and ensure you get to see the medical practitioner that’s right for you and your condition

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