Stroke or Cerebrovascular accident

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There are just around 25,000 neurologists in EU. Some regions are better covered than others: depending on the country, there are between 4 and 13 neurologists per 100,000 people.1

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What are the different types of stroke ?

Affecting the blood vessels of the brain, or cerebral circulation, cerebrovascular diseases manifest by stroke, or cerebral attack. A stroke is caused by a brutal stop of blood circulation within the brain. There are two types of stroke: Ischemic stroke, characterized by an interruption of blood flow which is provoked by a clot, and Hemorrhagic stroke, due to a rupture of the artery of the brain. Most frequently, ischemic stroke is caused by atherosclerosis. Hemorrhagic strokes, which are usually caused by hypertension, count for only 20% of stroke cases.

Risk factors and aftermath

There are several predisposing factors in individuals that can cause a stroke. With age, the risk of stroke increases (in men over 50 and in women over 60). Hereditary also plays a role in the occurrences of a stroke. As such, a person is at high risk if he/she has a parent who endured a stroke before the age of 45. Certain pathologies increase the risk of stroke, like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and poor lifestyle habits (tobacco consumption, alcoholism). Strokes are the first cause of dependence in older adults. After a stroke, patients have to be rehabilitated to learn basic gestures and retrieve autonomy.

Why is it important to obtain the best care when you are ill?

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  • In 45% of cases, your diagnosis or treatment plan could be optimized
  • 9 out 10 doctors prescribe unnecessary medical acts: surgery, repeat investigations, non-compliance with recommended best medical practice
  • All hospitals and clinics are not equal. Some are better suited to treating your illness than others.
  • Medicine is becoming more and more specialized. It can be complicated to obtain reliable medical information and ensure you get to see the medical practitioner that’s right for you and your condition

Fiche Stroke or Cerebrovascular accident

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