Obstetrical conditions, pregnancy, and child birth

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Over 20% of European women aged 16 to 60 have not had any gynecological follow-up in at least two years.

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Obstetrical conditions, pregnancy, and child birth

Pregnancy is not considered an illness, but eventual inherent changes can be a source of various complications. During pregnancy, the patient is closely monitored to detect any abnormal changes or complications.

Child birth can be done naturally, with or without an epidural, and by cesarean. The method of delivery is determined by the position of the infant.

An obstetrical condition is a problem linked to pregnancy or birth. It can affect a pregnant woman or the fetus.

Different obstetrical conditions

Pathologies which are linked to pregnancy or child birth can vary greatly. It is highly recommended to consult regularly with an obstetrician or a gynecologist during the entirety of the pregnancy to assure the safety and health of the mother and the baby. Regular ultrasounds and blood tests are scheduled for this type of monitoring.

Child birth is most frequently realized in a maternity section of a hospital with the help of a midwife and an obstetrician.

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Fiche Obstetrical conditions, pregnancy, and child birth

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