Skin or cutaneous surgery

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Skin or cutaneous surgery is used to treat either benign or malignant lesions, or for abnormal scarring.

Cutaneous surgery includes, most notably, operations for benign tumors such as sebaceous cysts or seborrheic warts, and for moles (melanocytic naevus). Cutaneous surgery is also used in cases of malignant lesions, such as skin cancers like carcinomas and melanomas. This type of surgery can also improve hypertrophic scarring, ulcerated scars, retractile scars, instable scars (with a risk of malignant degeneration), as well as unsightly, irregular, recessed or pigmented scars.

Different types of skin or cutaneous surgery

The surgeon selects which type of procedure to use according to the type of lesion present. In the case of benign lesions or moles, the doctor opts generally for minimal procedures with or without use of local anesthesia. In case of small scarring or blemishes, esthetic surgery is privileged. To treat large scars, burns, and certain cutaneous tumors, the practitioner uses reparative surgery involving Z-plasty. For recidive tumors and skin cancers, deep removal is usually practiced under general anesthesia.

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